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Resources: Books, articles, blogs, podcasts...

Here we will regularly update our list of resources that professionals can use to develop relationship-based practice.

If you know of any useful resources that we could highlight here then email us and we will add them to our list.  


Cherry, L. (2021) Conversations That Make A Difference to Children and Young People: Relationship-Focused Practice From the Frontline. Routledge.

Hewitson, K. (2021) If you can’t reach them, you can’t teach them: Building effective learning relationships (Practical Teaching). Critical Publishing.


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theory for the development of ethical and value-led practice. IJSP. Vol. 9(1). Retrieved from   

Duncan,. F. (2020), The Care Review [online].  Edinburgh: Scottish Government. [Viewed 26th

August 2022]. Available from:  the promise


Featherstone, B., Morris, K. and White, S. (2014). Re-imagining child protection: Towards humane social work with families. Policy Press.

Featherstone, B. et al. (2018) ‘Let’s stop feeding the risk monster: Towards a social model of

‘child protection’, Families, relationships and societies, 7(1), pp. 7–22. doi: 10.1332/204674316X14552878034622.

Hambrick, Erin P, Brawner, Thomas W, Perry, Bruce D, Brandt, Kristie, Hofmeister, Christine, &

Collins, Jen O. (2019). Beyond the ACE score: Examining relationships between timing of developmental adversity, relational health and developmental outcomes in children. Archives

of Psychiatric Nursing, 33(3), 238-247.

Articles and Papers

“She stepped over boundaries and reached into my world. She reached me in a way no one before had cared to try. It was more than a job to her and I sensed that”
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